Cross Over To A Brighter Future

V-Tech can help you bridge the gap between the status quo and new opportunities at breath taking low prices.

Our Starter Web Plan includes your own:

  • Web Site
  • Domain Name (www*)
  • Up to 6 Web Pages**
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts (
  • Call for additional features and limitations
  • Cost $450 (includes domain registration fee)

We provide free estimates for other implementations based upon your requirements. These applications permit you to change pictures and text from your browser. Ideal for catalogs, real estate, personnel, announcements, menus, etc. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, quality, and the lowest possible prices.

See sample applications at

* Domain Names must be unique. You may need to make your Domain Name slightly different than you company name; example V-Tech Inc. may need to have a Domain Name of

** You supply electronic text, pictures, and format. We work with you to incorporate them into your web pages. If we need to take pictures or develop text, additional costs may apply. Items requiring databases such as Shopping Carts are not included in the Starter Web Plan.

Call or Fax at (860) 447-1145 or E-Mail